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Leaving Amherst – wrongful conviction of timothy wright jr.

Jun 02, 2019

Morse Investigation Services has been retained by Uncuff the Innocent, a non profit dedicated to freeing the wrongfully convicted, to look into the death of Justin Baumgardner, and the potential wrongful conviction of Timothy Wright Jr. More information can be found on his website here.

This case is of particular interest because justice simply was not served.  Backroom handshakes, small town sheriffs, and a need to protect the deputies son, all add to the intrigue of this wrongful conviction case.  Our intent with this and future blog posts about this case is to raise awareness and to hopefully turn up new evidence that may assist Tim gain a new trial.

Want to learn more about this case?  Check out what some talented Georgetown University Students did when they created a short documentary about this case that can be viewed here.


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